Areas of Practice

Corporate & Commercial
We can help our clients choose the setup of their new business and counsel them on general corporate governance ...

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Our team has extensive experience in trials and appeals;business and commercial litigation.

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Construction Law
Our partners have experience in representing clients in the negotiation and bidding of construction contracts . . .

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Investment Law
Our team offers legal consulting on setting up entities, procuring authorizations, permits, and licenses in accordance . . .

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Government Relations & Regulatory Affairs
Representation of individuals and businesses before governmental bodies, administrative authorities, and municipal councils and committees . . .

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Property Law and Real Estate
We provide a wide range of litigation and transactional services related to real property, including the following: purchase and sale of all types of commercial property ...

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Our team offers legal services regarding drafting and reviewing business policies relating to employment, institutional employee regulations  . . .

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We consult on the legal aspects of setting up higher education or scientific research institutions, in addition to the pertinent legal procedures and requirements   . . .

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About Us

Dicta Consulting is a law office coordinating the services of a group of Jordanian licensed lawyers based in Amman, Jordan. Senior lawyers at Dicta Consulting have individual experience, providing legal services to clients in various areas of law, such as labor and employment law, construction law, real estate transactions, telecommunications law, investment law, corporate and commercial law, government procurement regulations and government contracts, and education ...

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 Our Team



Senior Attorneys and Legal Consultants
Mohammad Bashayreh  

LL.B. (Yarmouk), LL.M (Cambridge) D.Phil (Oxford); Senior Legal Consultant;

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Osamah Massadeh 

Senior attorney and legal consultant; LLB (Yarmouk, Jordan, 1996); LLM Arab Institute, Cairo 2004, has joined the Jordan Bar since 1997, has an extensive experience in litigation, property law, municipal and environmental regulations.

 Hajem Massadeh

Property Law; Litigation

Iyad Mistarihi

 Property Law; labor law.

Bilal Bani Mufarej

Litigation; motor insurance.

Sa'id Massadeh

Property law; Landlords & Tenants; Litigation.

 Bashar Massadeh

Litigation; Contracts.

Bashar Muhammad*
Mohammad Arif Massadeh*


*Not fully admitted to the Bar yet.


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